Tehran Shabahang Agro-Industry Company

HTehran Shabahang Agro-Industry Company was organized in year 2005 for formation and construction of red meat, chicken and fish processing, sorting, and packing. In this line, the first phase of Tehran Shabahang Double-circuit cold storage warehouse with capacity of 10,000 tons and equipped with most modern machineries and equipment consisting of most precise weighbridges, emergency generator, on-line fire alarm system, most recent warehousing software systems, and dry warehouse with capacity of more than 50,000 tons. This warehouse has been constructed on a plot of land measuring 165,000 square meters located at Second kamarbandi, Kahrizak, Tehran and is active in servicing customers.


Cold Storage Warehouse

The services of Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse are economical, reliable, and safe solution to storage of your goods and products

Customer’s Portal

In “Customer’s Portal” section of the website, you may see inventory, quantity entered and quantity taken out, and sell-by dates of your goods and products


Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse offers vast transport services to its customers

On-Line Applying for Contract

Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse has designed extensive, various ways to communicate with its esteemed customers. The respectful customers of Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse may sent the information related to their goods

SMS for Instant Reporting

Through updating its services with most recent technologies, Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse tries to offer modern services to customers. Parallel to this endeavour, SMS Instant Reporting System of Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse


Having warehouse with capacity over 50,000 tons, Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse is prepared to store different commercial goods on a piece of land measuring 20 hectares

Employment in Tehran Shabahang refrigerator

If you would like to apply for a job in the Tehran Shabang Refrigerator Complex you can enter the application form, fill out the employment form and send your resume to the collection email.