Cold Storage Warehouse

The services of Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse are economical, reliable, and safe solution to storage of your goods and products. We manage your products and goods in the most efficient and safest ways at lowest cost. Capacity of more than 10,000 tons and modern machinery and facilities such as most precise weighbridges, emergency generator, on-line fire alarm system, and most recent warehousing software systems assist Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse in rendering its services.


Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse offers vast transport services to its customers.

Customer’s Portal

In “Customer’s Portal” section of the website, you may see inventory, quantity entered and quantity taken out, and sell-by dates of your goods and products. By connecting Internet and using your usage name and password, you may enter your dashboard and see different reports on inventory of your goods and products and, if necessary, download the reports in PDF, Excel, Word, and CV formats, and then, reserve in your system as documents.

On-Line Applying for Contract

Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse has designed extensive, various ways to communicate with its esteemed customers. The respectful customers of Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse may sent the information related to their goods as well as related to the conditions of the contract through filling the Contract Application Form. Our staff will study your request and its feasibility for being object of contract and will contact you. It needs to be added that the link for registration of the application will be active in near future.

SMS for Instant Reporting

Through updating its services with most recent technologies, Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse tries to offer modern services to customers. Parallel to this endeavour, SMS Instant Reporting System of Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse enables you receive on your mobile phone the report on your goods entered into, or taken out of, warehouse. For using this service, it is sufficient to sent your application for activating SMS through the link and going to relevant page. It needs to be pointed out that the SMS Service Application Form will be activated soon.


Having warehouse with capacity over 50,000 tons, Tehran Shabahang Cold Storage Warehouse is prepared to store different commercial goods on a piece of land measuring 20 hectares. Possibility of comprehensive storage and freeze warehousing, capability of storage in different temperature, on-line fire alarm, and the most modern warehousing software systems are among warehousing possibilities and services.